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Summer Camp 2018 Schedule

Adults Camp will be held from 9am - 1pm, Monday - Friday, 8-12 January
Kids Camp will be held from 9am - 3pm, Monday - Wednesday, 15-17 January

Both schedules feature World Class coaches delivering cutting-edge, innovative material for an experience like no other.

Our aim? To help you transform your own training into the new year and beyond!

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Your coaches for 2018:

3 x Pan-Pacific Brazlilian Jiu Jitsu Champion - 'Professor' Pedro Fernandes

Pedro Fernandes is one of New Zealand's top Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) coaches and competitors. Professor Pedro is a lifelong Martial Artist and all around nice guy. He began training in the Martial Arts at age 5 and began teaching BJJ almost 25 years ago.

After immigrating to New Zealand 2004, Professor Pedro founded Tu Kaha BJJ. Since that time he has had many career highlights including winning the Prestigious Pan-Pacific BJJ Championships three times.

His BJJ Lineage is: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Helio Gracie > Rickson Gracie > Antonio Collares > Pedro Pacheco Fernandes

We look forward to Professor Pedro helping to educate us on the world of BJJ in a safe, fun and challenging way.


Strength and Conditioning Coach - Stephen Buckley

Coach Buckley is most well known for his work with the New Zealand Breakers (four time Champions of the Australian National Basketball League 2010-2013) and many of NZ's top Olympic & World Champion athletes.

Coach Buckley returns to VRMA Summer Camp this year having delivered his acclaimed performance testing method at our last camp in 2017.

This year he will focus on sharing strength and conditioning techniques with us to specifically enhance our abilities as Martial Artists & Combat Sports people. 

Re-testing will also be offered as an elective option for those interested in comparing to last year's scores.

International Film / TV Stunt Coordinator & Fight Choreographer - Kazuhiro Yokoyama

Kazuhiro Yokoyama is close to a massive 30 years as a stunt performer in the film and TV industry.

Renowned throughout Japan and New Zealand for his incredible abilities, "Kazu" has to be seen to be believed. 

Coach Kazu will help you explore Fight choreography for Film / TV with a series of training drills to show you exactly how to adapt your Martial Arts skills for the screen.

Sport Scientist, 11 x Martial Arts  World Champion - Carl van Roon

Camp host and Master of Ceremonies Carl van Roon will ensure a smooth experience for you at camp.

Coach van Roon will also share many of his Sport Science based training methods for body and mind from the Van Roon Martial Arts training system. 

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Camp Location

All Summer Camp sessions will be held at the new Van Roon Martial Arts HQ:

45B Normanby Road
Mt Eden

(See map below) from Monday 8 January - Friday 13 January.  

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To hold your place at the 2018 VRMA Summer Camp, please complete the form below and transfer your camp fee of $350.00 New Zealand Dollars (please scroll down for bank details).

This fee covers your attendance to ALL the training sessions provided by some of Australasia's premiere coaches - PLEASE note, spaces are limited! 

*NOTE - fee options are available for 2,3 or 4 day camp attendance (for adult camp) for those who cannot attend the entire camp. Simply send us those sessions you would ideally like to attend in the questions / queries section of the registration.

2 day, 9am - 1pm, adult camp attendance fee: $200.00 NZD

3 day, 9am - 1pm, adult camp attendance fee: $250.00 NZD

4 day, 9am - 1pm, adult camp attendance fee: $315.00 NZD

5 day, 9am - 1pm, adult camp attendance fee: $350.00 NZD

For the kids camp the following fees apply:

1 day, 9am - 3pm, kids camp attendance fee: $175.00 NZD

2 day, 9am - 3pm, kids camp attendance fee: $275.00 NZD

3 day, 9am - 3pm, kids camp attendance fee: $350.00 NZD


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